A stunning take on the genre.” Gabriel Mazza, Mesmerized,io. 

Dynamic sonic panorama…immersive and remarkable” Sinusoidal Music

 “merges the melodic drama of a modern time with a twang of vintage folk.” Ana Joy King, Music to Blame

"Enigmatic...unlike anything I have heard before." Muse Chronicle 

Spine-tingling joy…a singer songwriter with a mind unlike any other” Wes Banderson, IndieFlix 

Elements of Americana, Country and strings that penetrate our mind” Elio Sant'Anna Pedrozo Campos, Os Garatos de Liverpool 

like tapping into a dazed frequency, that is both numbing and wakeful.” Good Music Radar 

Genius!” Victor Matheus, Indieclock 

Cinematic…infused with melodic drama and thrill.” Damien Reid, Illustrate Magazine 

"Timeless...delivers a sombre sonic journey."   Jessica Marinho, HBN


"Crushing Melancholy." B Sides and Badlands 

"This is beautiful...In every possible way... " Valida Carroll, On Air Host at 89.9 KCRW Los Angeles. 

"Really well played and well produced." Mike Savage, host of the internationally-syndicated "World Chart Show" and co-host of "The Session" on legendary Los Angeles rock station 95.5 KLOS. 


"...speaks the truth about emotions that every human being experiences at least once in their life." Rock the Pigeon 



"Wow, what a beautiful and moving tribute to the late, great David Bowie with nods to his lyrical genius and mystery " Jen Dan, Music Writer at The Big Takeover, Rebel Noise, Stereo Embers Magazine, The Record Stache, Indie Music Review, and Delusions Of Adequacy. 

“A mixed-gender piece which alternates between Anglo-American folk, folk rock, alt-rock and Americana fronted by the graceful vocal.” Aurora Berill- music critique & promotion / Style blogger 

“Absolutely gorgeous.”  Valida Carroll-ON-AIR HOST, 89.9 KCRW 

“Smooth, melancholic.” Radio KSCR

“Beautifully written.” The Kitty Opal Show 

"A solid tribute” Dan Frazier Music Blogger and Magazine Contributing Writer 

“A lovely nod to the black star” Backseat Mafia 



"Carver peels the emotions from his bone as a gopher snake shedding skin in the scorched, sun-baked desert." B-Sides and Badlands  

"Beyond points for a great band name, Raygun Carver records a genius tune in "Jesus Hes Right." Gas Mask Magazine 

​"A blend of cosmopolitan pop, downtempo, chamber pop, and singer-songwriter noir... All very compelling" Jen Dan, Music Writer at The Big Takeover, Rebel Noise, The Record Stache, and Stereo Embers Magazine.

"Ghostly guitar twangs, soft key-laden reflections, and a stirring vocal presence assemble an aesthetic/vibe that reminds me fondly of Luke Haines and Nick Cave." Mike Mineo, Founder/Editor at Obscure Sound.



"A wistful manifestation of a tried and true form of traditional folk art." Santa Rosa Records  



“Wow. Brilliant.” Scott Cohen: Founder The Orchard 

“It shows that no matter how dark your feelings might be, music heals it and perhaps saves you from it.” Backseat Mafia 

“This music is so vivid.” Bob Lugowe, Associate Director at Sony Legacy 

“Cinematic.” Chris Heintz¨A&R/Manager 



"Cinematic, very David Lynch-ian' Mike Savage, host of the internationally-syndicated "World Chart Show" and co-host of "The Session" on legendary Los Angeles rock station 95.5 KLOS.